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Thinking of preparing a Texas style celebration but have no spare time to prepare the food? Having a hard time figuring out where and when to hold this dream event of yours? Fear not because we are the solution you’ve been looking for!

Welcome to the Food Catering in Houston Tx Service, where we take pride in our Texas ability to organize and carry out any and all of your food catering events with less worry for you, our customer, and more enjoyment for all of your invited guests. We make sure that in planning your occasion, you are able to focus on what is most important, you, your guests and your big event. We provide you with a wide variety of delightful selections, which will have folks chatting about around the water cooler for some time to come.

We’re talking about Texas comfort food, served up hot with down-home style and design, the types of foods that can’t help but enable you to unwind and have a big old Lone Star time! With our years of experience, our company is very comfortable with handling from small backyard groups of thirty, to banquet halls filled with three thousand people.

Tailored Cuisine

With all of the functions we have the privilege of serving, no matter if we are your choice of wedding caterers or your current occasion food purveyor; we work very closely with you to create a uniquely specified food list. To correspond to our client’s budgetary, personal taste and eating preferences, we offer you the chance to personalize your financial range. We have numerous package deals that can assist you in developing a personalized plan containing your food list choices. We also help coordinate assistance with specialty services, putting you in touch with outside purveyors that can assist you with all of your uniquely crafted characteristics that you desire of your once in a lifetime event. We handle and treat each individual occasion with specific care, taking special note of the differences between them all. With our knowledgeable team of chefs, we can collaborate to change our products and services as side items and services, trays or even full main courses. To modify our cuisine selections according to your specific necessities, we obtain great pride in our ability to adapt to any situation on the fly. To make your event as special as it should be, we offer you incomparable flexibility for developing the food choices that will have your guests raving about.

Our Comprehensive Catering Products and Services

Through our gained knowledge with specific food experiences, we understand how to plan it, prepare it, and serve it up just right in Texas. In utilizing the professional techniques of our multi-talented masters and power team that makes up our Event Catering Company in Houston, we’re able to develop and orchestrate your special Texas occasion that will leave your guests thinking about for quite some time. We can easily be your one-stop shop for all your planning needs, furnishing just the right amount of assistance. Whether you’re looking for a company to help you with setting it up, or to simply tear it all down, we know how to do it up, and we know how to clean it up. As your full-service food caterer, we can provide your event with all of the necessities with our amazing array of rental accessories, such as sheet sets, party-flooring surface areas, napkins, chinaware, flatware, tents, chairs and tables. Kiss all your event worries good bye! All of the unexpected occurrences that have a way of putting a damper on the festivities of any special event will be but a mere memory, as they will surely be eliminated with the help of our Event Catering Service in Houston Tx.

The Bayou City is known for being the largest hub of Texas, churning and burning it’s way towards a future full of excitement and lined with wondrous tradition. At Events Catering Houston, we know what it takes to stay on top of the situation, no matter what the circumstances. We know how to churn and burn with the best of what Space City has to offer. With satisfaction guaranteed, you can be assured that we can get the job done, and get it done right, regarding all of your catering and special events needs. Our proven track record stands tall in the saddle with the experience you’re looking for, and we will take the time to make sure that what you’re searching for is exactly what we deliver.

Magnolia City has a certain flair for excellence, a certain style found only in Texas, and a heaping helping of Lone Star pride. Over time, the friendly folks of the Greater Houston Tx. area have made their suggestions, and we have taken note, bringing along our talented family of associates to lend their accumulated wealth of knowledge to every occasion that we have the privilege of helping our customers with.

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Annual Functions

  • Dishes
  • Natal Day Parties
  • Kids Social Gatherings
  • Team Gatherings
  • Corporation Picnics
  • Company Affairs
  • Commencements
  • Celebration Parties
  • New Year’s Eve Special Events
  • Religious Celebrations
  • Retreat Occasions
  • Athletic Gatherings
  • Trademark Events
  • Wedding Ceremonies

For your company and private event, it is essential to go with a food caterer that understands what it takes to stay on top of all your food requirements. With Food Catering in Houston, you can be assured that we are the most suitable company in the Greater Houston Texas area, with the most imaginative decor, practically guaranteeing that all your guests will be pleasingly captivated with the entire event. Most important of all, you need to be absolutely confident that every little detail has been dealt with and that your special occasion may come off without so much as a hitch. Are you in need of a party and event caterer advisor with an exceptional record of outstanding results and years of experience with large or small, detailed or sophisticated special occasions?

At Our Event Catering in Houston Company, we understand the importance of high quality with regards to overall effectiveness and original creativity. This is one of the original keys to our success and a very important reason why a lot of our clients keep coming back for more. We have worked very hard to make it to the top, and we have gotten so used to the view up here that we plan on doing what it takes to stick around.

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