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Finally, Smoking without the Smoke!

Start out fresh today with an ULTRA Electronic Cigarette. Only ULTRA delivers delicious USA made flavors from Fontenelle Hills made with only 100% USA made ingredients.
Experience a burst of fresh flavor from every ULTRA Electronic Cigarette.

Save Money Now!

Costs almost 50% less than cigarettes!
It's no secret that electronic cigarettes are more cost-effective alternative than traditional cigarettes. The average person saves almost 50% off the cost!
Isn't it about time you started saving? Save money the first time you use ULTRA! There's never been a better time.

Say no to second-hand smoke.

ULTRA Electronic Cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs or electric cigarettes create no second-hand smoke. No second hand smoke means you're free to smoke almost anywhere!
Keep family members, co-workers, and other acquantinces free of harmful second hand smoke while still enjoying the full flavor of ULTRA Electronic Cigarettes!

What's in your eCig?

ULTRA uses 100% American Made Ingredients!
ULTRA is one of the few Electronic Cigarettes using only 100% American Made Electronic Cigarette liquids and flavors. Using 100% Made in the USA ingredients, ULTRA ensures the highest in quality and manufacturing.
Each flavor is hand-crafted to ensure the richest flavors and smoothest taste. Only USDA and FDA improved 100% USA made ingredients are included in ULTRA Electronic Cigarette flavor cartridges. Pre-Filled and Ready to Smoke!

No leak, no burn, no refilling!.

ULTRA American Made E-Cigarette cartridge flavors are pre-filled and ready to use. Simply screw a new cartridge on your battery and puff like you would a regular cigarette. Experience a realistic smoking experience without the smoke, and without the smell!
When your cartridge runs out, simply replace with a new cartridge and continue enjoying your ULTRA experience. Never has it been easier to try electronic cigarettes!

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