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Are you looking to organize a professional or private event, but you are unable to do so due to personal time constraints or those ever increasing job demands? Would you love to have an unforgettable event that will enable you to sit back and enjoy the festivities along with your guests? Would you like to plan an event that is satisfying to you and your guests, without having to worry about preparing the food for your party all on your own? Do you find yourself trying to figure out how to host an event that’s planned around a limited budget? The solution to your problem is our experienced Food Catering Houston Tx Company.

There’s no need for you to worry in the least about meal planning, preparation, or execution. Our Food Catering in Houston Texas offers you a wide variety of selected food preparation solutions for all types of events, from small social gatherings to large corporate functions.

We provide you with well thought out and fully comprehensive service packages to help you make your event as successful as possible. In order to insure you of a wonderful experience, our quartermasters and serving staff will provide you with menu selections which are guaranteed to delight your guests, and help you host the most enjoyable event possible. Give us the opportunity to help you set-up your function at an affordable price that is well within your prepared budget, and we’ll give you the opportunity to show your guests exactly what Texas is made of.

Each of our quartermasters are specialized and have many years of experience in providing the highest quality foods and services to our clients, and maintaining the highest standards in the food service industry. At Food Catering Houston, we pride ourselves in our ability to afford you a creative touch to your gatherings, due to our persistent drive towards excellence in providing the best possible menu selections and services to each and every one of our clients. We will make sure that together, with our food choices and service , you and your guests will surely take pleasure in the tailored meal packages we have prepared for your special event. You can’t go wrong with hiring our food catering company in Houston. Our ability to provide delicious refreshments and outstanding services you need, along with our commitment to help you stay within your budget guidelines will put your mind at ease.

Throughout our years of operation, our quartermasters and wait staff have taken pride in their superior ability to provide you, our valued customer, with unmatched expertise and experience in preparing the most delicious meals, and displaying the highest professional standards of service to our clients as needed. Our own commitment to each of our customers is to bring an innovative touch to their particular celebratory and/or professional events, by sharing our desire to make your event as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Our very own food catering company in Houston provides menu selections and specialized services for the following types of Texas events, which include, but are not limited to:wedding anniversary celebrations , children’s parties, special debut events, wedding receptions, canteen accommodations, and any other types of personal or professional functions known to the Lone Star State. We provide an assortment of approved refreshments for a wide array of events, ranging from simple party platters and snacks, to well organized banquets and dinner buffet style meals. We have our own well experienced culinary chefs, who would love to create interesting new dishes for you, as well as preparing traditional favorites. Whatever your function or event calls for, they can get the job done right, every time. All of our purveyor services are hand picked for your specific event, chosen from our superb wait staff , and a team of culinary experts in our circle of associates. With our ever growing list of personalized packages, you can feel comfortable choosing from a wide variety of party platters and special menus, which are prepared in our very own specially designed kitchens, by the hands of our very own team of culinary artists. Our uniquely designed meal and refreshment selections are available to you at a variety of very affordable and attractive prices.

Menu Selections and Available Expert services

We provide our clients with a scrumptious arrangement of assorted victuals, including large menus and light refreshments, along with the excellent service they require for all of their special functions. We have many distinctive service and menu packages available for you to choose from, perfectly designed to fit your specific events theme along with the topic of your function.

The City on the Bayou is known for it’s space age traditions, as well as a final frontier full of what makes the Lone Star State stand above all the rest. At Food Catering Houston, we also take a little pride in our ability to soar above the competition, setting the standards for fine catering services throughout the entire Greater Houston Texas area. Whether it’s a back yard barbecue of twenty five of your closest friends, or a banquet hall filled with sixteen hundred hungry employees, we know how to get the job done, and we know how to do it up right. Our time tested traditions allow us to ensure our customers complete satisfaction, and we know first hand that there’s no better customer than a happy returning customer.

The capitol of the Sun Belt sits up high in the saddle, riding along the traditions of old. We understand the language of the area, and know how to walk the walk. Keeping up with modern trends and new aged designs is one of our specialties. No matter what your dreams have in mind, we can make that special event happen for you, right here, right now, and right on time.

Below is a detailed description of the services we offer to our clients:

Call Wedding Catering in Houston Tx, 713-322-0023

wedding events catering

wedding events catering

Our Texas establishment provides personalized service packages and menu choices for all of your individual wedding reception needs. Take the time to sit down with one of our helpful associates and go over our pricing packages to find the service plan that’s just right for you, while fitting your budget at the same time.


Make your Tx. debut a delightful celebration by hiring our quartermasters, culinary experts, and serving staff to prepare, arrange, and serve the delicious meals and refreshments for your event. During the party, all you need to do is look as beautiful as possible, and enjoy yourself. To experience and treasure an unforgettable debut celebration, we’ve got the food you want, and the service you need, at a price that is sure to fit any budget.

Your Child’s Birthday Bash

Our delectable refreshments, and the servers we have on staff to serve each of your guests, will make your little angel’s big day a special one. We know first hand how the little ones can be the highlight of their parent’s lives. The kid’s exuberant laughter, childhood thrills and innocent naughtiness are definitely the components of a youngster’s life that dads and moms truly love and enjoy. We too understand the pleasures a child can bring to his or her parents and loved ones, therefore we know exactly what is needed to make the precious little angel’s birthday celebration a day that the Birthday boy or girl, and his/her parents will remember and treasure for years to come.

Business Affairs

For your corporate functions, we provide the most healthy and appetizing menu selections to completely satisfy your colleagues and associates, and help them to create innovative and well rounded ideas for the benefit of your business. The best strategy to start any work day the right way is to have nutritious and delicious food on hand before a business meeting begins, which helps with making wise decisions when faced with ever present interaction and conflict between clients or fellow colleagues.

In order for you to be able to have a relaxing party at a price that fits your budget, you should seek the services of one of our professionally trained quartermasters who is capable of providing service packages and menu selections for a wide variety of special events.

Our Houston Texas establishment offers the following amenities for your social gatherings:

  • Decorative Balloons
  • Audio systems
  • Video clip and Photograph Exposure
  • Customized Flower arrangements
  • Personalized Cakes with customized adornments
  • Procurement of the complete professional food catering services

Our culinary experts know how important it is to pay special attention to detail when preparing the refreshments for any type of social gathering, or executive event. This is the most important reason why we provide a variety of purveyor services as well as menus that will make your personal celebration or corporate function become much more successful and satisfying to you and your attendees alike.

Contact us with specific Details:

Amazing Catering Company

Amazing Catering Company

It truly is our pleasure to provide you with superior victuals and exquisite service for your next special event. We are always delighted to hear your feedback about how well you enjoyed the dishes or snacks chosen and the services our staff rendered to you and your guests. If you are planning a future event, be it personal or professional; do not hesitate to contact our food catering company in Houston to provide you with the refreshments and service you need to make your function a raving success.

For all reservation and service package inquiries, feel free to call, write, or email us.

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